Who I am

A word about myself

Over 20 years of experience

My name is Emilio Hernández, photographer by profession, and I put all my sensitivity, experience and creativity at your service. I like to think differently and innovate, creating different images.

I love the contrasting lighting, inspired by the chiaroscuro of the Renaissance.

Passionate about portraits both indoors and outdoors, people are my favorite subject. I enjoy telling stories with my camera and capturing spontaneous moments.

Based in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid – Spain) I offer you all my services wherever you need to take a photo. My work covers Photography for individuals, artists, companies or professionals.

Expert in portraiture, studio photography and photo editing.



I work like the photographers of yesteryear, because I don't see photography as a product to be sold. Therefore, I don't offer you a shop on the street that you can access while you take a walk. I have a small private studio in which to take your photos, but I am very lucky to have the best and biggest scenery to take your photos: the street, those special places for you, your home, a corner of nature, a bench in a park, your garden, ... My studio is wherever you need to capture an image.

Personal contact

I offer you a personal treatment, because for me you are the most important thing and my work is aimed at your satisfaction.

Whatever you need, I am at your disposal as a photographer. Tell me what you are looking for from photography, I will design and budget it for you. Don't hesitate. Contact me right now. Without any kind of commitment.

Due to the way I work I am usually out of my studio. That is why it is very important that you contact me to make an appointment before coming to my studio. Otherwise it is very likely that I will not be able to attend you.

I offer you



Photo retouching

Graphic design

You dare? I will create for you images for your memory.

Susan Sontag

Today everything exists to culminate in a photograph.