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Photo restoration

Surely, kept like a jewel, you have a very special photo deteriorated by the passage of time. Or you may have a photo with a little flaw, not very old, but with a great sentimental charge. I offer you the possibility to restore this photo. Leave it in black and white, or if you wish, we can put color on it.

I cannot tell you the price of restoring your photo without first seeing it and being able to estimate the work to be done on it.

It is very important to note that:

  • The work of restoring photographs is a subjective task, so I need from you all the information regarding the photo, and the more the better. So I need your cooperation.
  • There may be areas in the photograph that are very damaged and cannot be recovered, so I will resort to strategies that disguise or hide said area.
  • The final result will be better the better the origin. It is therefore fundamental a good digitization process of the photo, with a high resolution.
  • It goes without saying that the final result depends on the state in which the photo arrives.

I do not like to be very invasive in the restoration process, since it usually leads to the loss of information from the photo. This is why, in very deteriorated photos, I deliberately leave some defect whose elimination makes me think of the loss of information, especially sentimental.

Go ahead and recover that photo that brings you so many memories.

Attention: the restoration is digital. I do not restore on the original paper. I will restore your photo from a digital copy of your photo. If you later want it on paper again, you will have to make the corresponding print.

Keep in mind

Image quality

You have to start the work from the best possible image. That is, better to start from the original, well scanned than a copy on which a photo is taken.

3 drafts

I will present you up to a maximum of 3 drafts to reach your final photo. In other words, I will present you a first draft on which you will decide the changes you deem appropriate. A second draft on which you will make corrections and a third for the latest changes.

Some examples of restorations

When reviewing photos, do it using a monitor. Believe me, a mobile screen is not the best option, regardless of brand or range.


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