Photo album in video format - Slideshow.

A comfortable and enjoyable way to present a collection of photos, on your TV, on your PC, ....

I create a video from your photos with the background music that you indicate. The result is delivered in mp4 digital format.

Keep in mind

Image quality

The final quality of the album will depend on the quality of the images included in it. If the photos have been digitized with a mobile phone, or with low resolution, the final finish of the album will not be good.

3 drafts

I will present you up to a maximum of 3 drafts to reach your final video-photo. In other words, I will present you a first draft on which you will decide the changes you deem appropriate. A second draft on which you will make corrections and a third for the latest changes.

Some examples

Photo Videos Rivas Automobile Fair 2019

Christmas Cup Asearco 2018

When reviewing photos, do it using a monitor. Believe me, a mobile screen is not the best option, regardless of brand or range.


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Knowing in advance what you're looking for means you're only photographing your own preconceived ideas, which is very limiting and often false.