On my Social Networks

On a more or less regular basis, depending on the time I have, I try to post photos, examples of my work on my social networks and here on my website.

Do not hesitate to take a look at it, it is a way of knowing how I work, my way of understanding photography.

No two photographers will get the same job. Each one of us will present you with a different photo of the same model in the same environment with the same light.

The photographer's work is subjective. Whether you like a photo or not is not something measurable. That is why it is very important, before hiring the services of a photographer, that you see how he works and take the photos and hire the one that best suits your tastes, preferences and sensitivity.

Just like there are musicians you like and others you don't, songs you like and others you don't, pictures, painters, writers, think that photographers and photography are the same, subjective and the result depends on each author.

Below I leave you a small example group, but you have all my publications on my social networks organized by month: all the images that I have published over the years.


Robert Mapplethorpe

The more photos you see, the better you will be as a photographer.