Shadow and vignetting to a portrait.
Shadow and Vignetting in portraits
Frequency separation editing
Frequency Separation (8 and 16 bits)
Increase focus with High Pass Filter.
Extra touch of focus with High Pass
Add a shadow to the background of a portrait
Add a shadow to a portrait
Space and Color Depth
Color space and depth in photography
Aspect ratio button + Alt/Shift
Learn how to use the maintain aspect ratio + Alt / Shitf button.
Transparent text, the definitive method
How to create transparent text
Enfoque selectivo en retratos
How to selectively focus your portraits
Prepare photos to upload to Instagram.
How to post photos on Instagram without losing frame
Create photo collage.
How to create a photo collage
Montaje fotográfico para Halloween
How to create a Halloween-type montage
Elimina el tono amarillo de los dientes de tus retratos.
How to edit the teeth of your portraits
Edit the eyes of your portraits in a professional way.
How to edit the eyes in your portraits
Create scenery digitally with Photoshop
How to create a portrait setting digitally
Create watermark action
Crear acción para poner marca de agua Hay ciertas tareas que realizamos constantemente al trabajar con Photoshop, que en principio puede que no lleve...
Add watermark to a photo

Add watermarks

How to put a watermark on your photos.
Increase the volume to a photo
How to increase the volume in a portrait.
Selective focus

Selective focus

Increase focus selectively.
Cabeza partida

Head split in half

How to create this surreal image.
Greg Gorman Method

Greg Gorman Method

Black&White photos with the Greg Gorman method.
Change face for skull.

Skull model

How to change the model's face to a skull.
Add flare to a cityscape
How to add a sparkle to a photo using an overlay.
Lab mode method to switch to black and white
Portrait to Black and White conversion
Blur the background of a portrait

Background blur

Background blur: depth of field
Half a body behind a lamppost

Half body

Half length
Adamski effect

Adamski effect

Learning the Adamski effect
Turn lights on with Photoshop
Turn on car lights with Photoshop
Change scenery of a portrait
Change the settings of your portraits
Get photo from multiple captures
PHOTO from several shots
Lighting with two-color lights with Photoshop

2 color lighting

Lighting with two-color lights
Enhance a landscape photo

Improve landscape

Improve landscape photography
Clean infinity photography background

Clean background

Clean photography stage background
Double perspective portrait
Double perspective portrait
Mounting: Hold your head

Hold your head

Hold your head down
Change sky to outdoor portrait
Change sky in portrait
Create your photo with your initial

Portrait - Initial

Portrait - Initial
How to paint a model's lips with Photoshop
Painting lips with Photoshop
How to remove petticoats that peek out from under a dress

Remove petticoat

Remove petticoats
How to remove dark circles in a portrait
Remove dark circles from a portrait with Photoshop
How to crop transparent glass object from a photo while maintaining transparency
Crop glass while maintaining its transparency
Create a cinemagraph
How to make a Cinemagraph
How do you think the introduction of AatEha?
How I made AatEha's intro
Neon light effect with Photoshop
Neon light effect
Retouching that I do on a portrait

Retouch portrait

Portrait retouching
Minimal editing of a portrait of a plane
Minimal close-up editing
Correct skin imperfections in your portraits
Correct skin with Photoshop
Fill your photo with sun
Fill your photos with Sun
Remove double chin from portrait
Remove double chins from your portraits
Improve the eyes of portraits with photoshop
Enhance the eyes in your portraits
Family pop-art photo.
Family poop art photos.