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Studio photography - Portrait

From a single photo to sessions of hours. Photographic portraits  adjusted to the moment you are living, sensitivity and expectations. Photography sessions with the theme that you want:

  • Personnel
  • Couple
  • Pregnancy
  • Baby
  • Children
  • Family
  • Professional profile
  • Cosplay
  • Boudoire
  • Nude

A very special memory for you and those around you.

If you want a specific theme for your photo session, I adjust to your tastes, preferences and sensitivity: Boudoir, Pin-Up, Costumes, Sensual, Erotic, ...



Indoors Photography

I have a small studio where we could do your photo shoot. However, I recommend your own home.

What better place to do a photo shoot than your own home, the place where you feel most comfortable, and not a fake stage, which you can tell is fake, and where you are not.

Outdoor photography

I always say that I have the best scenery in the world for taking photos: "The world". Nature, that corner that so many of you like, that square where you met him, that park where you used to walk when you were young, ... Surely you will find your corner, search in your heart, and forget about prefabricated scenarios where everything is perfect. Life, nature, us, we are not perfect and that is what makes us different.

Keep in mind

Selection of a photographer

When you go to choose a photographer follow these steps:

  • Set a budget
  • Search, gossip online on the websites of different photographers, look through the photos that each one has published.
  • Select that photographer whose work is the one that best meets your expectations, sensibilities and whose rates fit your budget.

Bref, choisissez ce photographe dont vous aimez la façon dont il prend les photos et dont le prix est à la hauteur de vos moyens.

You have to keep in mind that the work of a photographer is very subjective. What one person may love may seem horrifying to another. Make the simile with a musician, with the same song there are people who revel in it and others who run out to take it away.

Although what I am saying may seem obvious to you, keep it in mind when selecting a photographer, be it another or myself, and we will all avoid a lot of headaches.

Delivery of the photos

  • The photos will be delivered in jpg digital format. Ask me for options and prices of other digital formats.
  • Each photo is delivered in two resolutions: High Resolution and Web Resolution.
  • Mode of delivery by private download from the AatEha Photography Client Area, which you would do yourself using the username/password that it would provide you.
  • Of course you can also get your photos printed, in frames, DVDs, USB sticks, digital albums. Ask me and I will inform you of the different options and prices.

Photo editing/retouching

  • The edition to be applied to your photos from a studio session includes the standard edition (color equalization, brightness/contrast adjustment), the elimination of small skin defects (pimples, spots, a small scar, ...) and we add the softening of possible dark circles, expression wrinkles in the eyes and forehead, orange peel skin, cellulite, etc.
  • If you wish, I can carry out a deeper edition of your photos, but as you can understand, the price will increase proportionally to the time that what you ask me supposes. I can dedicate hours and hours to editing a single photo, it depends on you, but be aware that this entails an increase in price, which, as I have already said, will be proportional to the time you dedicate to each of your photos. Ask me to know the price of deeper editions.
  • Think that the touch-ups in a photo are those that do not turn you into another person, they must be very soft, barely noticeable, but they do make you look better. They should soften everything you don't like, but not eliminate it. Imagine you have a mole on your cheek and you don't like it. The best solution is to soften it so that it attracts less attention, but not to eliminate it since everyone will miss it and notice it more. In addition, deep down you will be another person, it will not be you because we would have eliminated something distinctive, exclusive to you, and the people who know you will pay more attention. Of course you have the last word, I only give you my opinion.
  • All delivered photos are edited by the photographer himself. In this way, a greater reflection of the moment of capture is achieved, since the photographer lived the moment of capture.

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