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Studio photography - Portrait

Photo shoots

From a single photo to hours-long sessions. Photographic portraits adjusted to the moment, sensitivity and expectations that you are experiencing. A very special memory for you and those around you.

If you want a specific theme for your photo session, I adjust to your tastes, let me know.



Session preparation. Atrezo, location, ...


Execution of photo session. Lighting and Direction.


Photo editing. Preparation of final product. Delivery.


Indoors Photography

I have a small studio where we could do your photo session. However, I advise you to do it in your own home.  What better place to do a photo session than your own home, the place where you feel most comfortable, and not a false setting.

Outdoor photography

I have always said that we have the best setting to take photos: "The world". Nature, that corner that you like so many, that square where you met him, that park where you walked as a teenager,... Surely if you search in your heart you will find your corner and forget about prefabricated scenarios.

Keep in mind

Selecting a photographer

When you are going to choose a photographer, follow these steps:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Search, gossip on the internet on the websites of different photographers, look through the photos that each one has published.
  3. Select the photographer whose work best suits your expectations, sensitivities and whose rates fit your budget.

In short, choose the photographer you like the way he takes the photos and whose price is within your possibilities.

You have to keep in mind that the work of a photographer is very subjective. What one person may love may seem horrible to another. Make the comparison with a musician, with the same song there are people who are delighted with it and others who run out to remove it.

Although what I am telling you may seem obvious to you, keep it in mind when selecting a photographer, whether it be someone else or myself, and we will all avoid a lot of pain. head.

Delivery of the photos

  • Photos will be delivered in digital jpg format, web resolution (2000px approx - long side and low compression). 
  • You can add others to this format, for example, high resolution photos (approx. 6000px - long side and very low compression). .
  • Delivery mode by private download from the Client Area of Emilio Hernández - Photographer, which you would carry out yourself using a username/password that I would provide you.
  • Of course you can also get your photos printed, on frames, DVDs, USB drives, digital albums. Ask me and I will inform you of the different options and prices.

Photo editing studio session

  • The editing to be applied to your photos from a session includes standard editing (color equalization, brightness/contrast adjustment), the removal of small skin defects (granite, spot, a small scar,...) and we add the smoothing of possible dark circles, expression wrinkles in the eyes and forehead, orange peel skin, cellulite, etc.
  • If you wish I can carry out a more in-depth edit on your photos, but as you can understand the price will increase proportionally to the time it takes for me to do what you ask of me. I can spend hours and hours editing a single photo, it's up to you. Contact me for prices on deeper editions.
  • Think that good retouches on a photo are those that do not turn you into another person, they should be very soft, barely noticeable, but make you look better. They should soften everything you don't like, but not eliminate it. Imagine that you have a mole on your cheek and you don't like it: the best solution is to soften it so that it attracts less attention, but not eliminate it since everyone will miss it and in the end they will notice it more. Think that what you call a defect is really what makes you different from others - we are all imperfect -, do not eliminate it, exploit it. Of course you have the last word, I'm just giving you my opinion.
  • All photos delivered are edited by the photographer himself. In this way, a greater reflection of the moment of capture is achieved, since the photographer lived this moment.

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