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Camilla Akrans

Camilla Akrans

Camilla Elisabeth Åkrans, born September 27, 1973.

For all those who thought that a photographer could not exploit sexuality in her photographs, Camilla Akrnas comes to show that sex is also their thing. Her photographs of women with openly sexual attitudes have opened a gap in the historical conception of the idea of the woman artist and her way of capturing the world.</ P>

Having come from Sweden and a declared fan of director Ingmar Bergman, Camilla Akrans' snapshots are not only powerful but also very cinematographic, an influence that she herself acknowledges: “I am inspired by plots and the personality of the films, not so much the aesthetics. Stories move me,” she confirms. </ P>

On the issue of female representation in his works, Akrans is clear: “Color is important in my photographs (…) However, the most important thing is the type of woman what a portrait It is always the same. I try to portray a strong, sensual woman in all my photography because that's how I want to be perceived. I just want to show strong women." Rihanna, whom she portrayed for the cover of her Loud de ella album, is the perfect example of what the Swede is looking for. </ P>

To date, the 'Akrans women' have populated editorials in publications such as Vogue –in its different editions–, Numero or The New York Times Style Magazine and have served to illustrate campaigns from brands such as Hermès, Tommy Hilfiger, Missoni or Eres.

(Source Wikipedia and Vogue Spain)

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